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Stop by Our Grand Opening! – Anna's Gotta Crochet

FLASH SALE!!! ALL Yarn and Furls Crochet Hooks On SALE! (must add items to the cart to see the discount)

Stop by Our Grand Opening!

I can't believe this day is finally here.  I have spent way more hours than I honestly want to count building the new website, adding over 300 items to my new shop, getting the website submitted to the appropriate search engines so future yarn shoppers can find me, and spreading the word with my existing shoppers so they know where to find the best deals on yarn and accessories.  Phew!  It's a LOT of work, but it will all be worth it once my new website gets found on the great world wide web.

I've worked very hard to establish a great reputation with my current shoppers through my Etsy shop @AnnasGottaCrochet and through Amazon over the last year plus.  I've had thousands of sales through those two platforms and received several hundred 5 Star Reviews as well.  I've been so fortunate to have tons of repeat shoppers who already know that I am THE source for top name yarns like Lion Brand, Yarnspirations, Premier, Bernat, and Top Quality crochet hooks from Furls Crochet and knitting needles from Prym.  So I am hoping the word will spread quickly about the new website.

This website will offer even better prices than my listings on other platforms because I have less overhead here, so I can afford to reduce the prices some.  Having my own website also allows me to sell on my terms.  That was the biggest motivation for setting up this new shop.  At Amazon I don't get to set my own shipping rates, so sometimes shoppers through that venue end up paying more then they need to for shipping, while others don't quite pay enough and I end up covering the difference.  At Etsy they started this new program where they require that shops offer free shipping for orders over $35.  Sounds good doesn't it? Well take a look at the full picture.  In order to cover the potential cost for shipping those orders sellers have to increase their product prices, which means anyone buying less then $35 will be overpaying for shipping.  And if a shop does not agree to this free shipping offer, Etsy will push their listings way down in the bottom of the search results...so the shopper may not even know about items that are lower priced.

I don't think that's fair.  One shopper should not be overpaying to cover the cost of other shoppers who underpay.  I try to keep my prices even lower then the big box yarn stores AND make the shipping rates be Only what the actual costs are.  And I will be offering FREE Shipping for those who spend $100 or more on their order.  I try to treat my shoppers as I would want to be treated when I'm shopping. Because that's the right thing to do.

To kick off my Grand Opening I am offering a discount code to all new visitors worth 10% off my already awesome low prices, just by entering Code: GRANDOPEN at checkout.  Please have a look around the shop, toss yourself some yarn goodies in the cart, or grab some cools stuff as gift for a crochet or knitting friend, I will gift wrap it for FREE if you just add a note to your order.

Thanks for stopping by!


Anna's Gotta Crochet & Knit Too!